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‘Perception Projection: 9 Principles To Empower Your Team’ helps you understand the underlying motivation for ALL of your actions, which in turn will unlock your power as a leader. Once you have this key, this powerful message needs to be put into action, so you will also be given strategies and tactics to turn your team, department, company into an unstoppable force for good.

Are you in a position of leadership where the responsibility of a team, department or company is riding on your shoulders?

Perception Projection: 9 Principles To Empower Your Team helps you understand the underlying motivation for ALL of your actions, which in turn will unlock your power as a leader. Once you have this key, this powerful message needs to be put into action, so you will also be given strategies and tactics to turn your team, department, company into an unstoppable force for good.


  • Motivate those that work for you.
  • Challenge your team to achieve the results you want.
  • Settle disputes and grievances calmly and effectively to everyone's benefit.
  • Speak and influence others to hear and understand you.
  • Be balanced, calm and at peace personally and professionally.
  • Build the company dynamics you've imagined/hoped for/dreamed of.
  • Create a company culture dynamic based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Drive the team/department/company toward purpose and profit.


How you can become the leader you already are, and uncover the reality you really want in these pages.

The ONLY thing you have to do is be true to your highest values and serve others as your most authentic self.

  • How the communication model works inside the mind.
  • How to use language to be precise in your communication.
  • A proven step-by-step system to turn every situation to your benefit.
  • The secrets of a holistic business environment people are proud of.
  • How to create organisations with purpose and profit.
  • How to have balance in your professional and personal life.
  • How revise beliefs to manifest results immediately.
  • The foundations of group behaviour to build a committed and inspired working environment.
  • How to feel at home in an international organisation and thrive in workforce diversity.

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downloadable copy of
Perception Projection.

“A must read for anyone looking to empower their team. A fantastic, straightforward, and honest book. Congratulations.”

Marshall Goldsmith
World’s #1 Executive Coach and Leadership Thinker, Bestselling Author

“Success is predictable if you know what determines it. This book offers some valuable tips that will challenge you to leap beyond your current comfort level. If you want to strengthen your life, your business and your effectiveness overall, you’ll discover a great friend in this book. You’ll probably want to recommend it to all your colleagues.”

Jim Britt
13-time Best-selling author & Top 20 Success Coach

“This is a fabulous book packed with practical wisdom for those that want to lead others (and themselves) through change to success. Eleni brings into our conscious awareness the importance, as a leader and as a person, the qualities of curiosity, self-reflection, connecting with our emotions, and giving and receiving feedback that feeds the soul and spurs the receiver on to be their best. A book for leaders everywhere”

Florence Madden
author of ‘the Intention Impact Conundrum’ and co-author of ‘Everyday NLP’

“When my journey led me to Eleni’s NLP class, life changed for ever. I was always in search of meaning and purpose, and while I knew I had to discover & tackle my unconscious incompetency’s, I did not know how. Eleni did it in a flash. With love, positive energy, and a determination covered with gentleness, she helped me turn the light on and see inside my soul. With clarity, I am now conscious of my incompetence’s, and on a path to find my purpose. Eleni’s strongest teaching was about perception-projection. It became a beacon for me and my business. And so, this book is priceless. I highly recommend Eleni’s course and book for all, especially people who are ready to discover and who want to effectively tackle business and personal balance; like me, like many SME owners, entrepreneurs and corporate individuals. Her course and book will enrich their lives, as it has mine. I am certain.”

Andreas Vogiatzakis
CEO of Havas Media Group Malaysia

“Eleni has amazed me with her insights. I have spent 20 years working with a People Business and it has opened my eyes to human behaviour. Eleni has the experience and intelligence to rationalise, I found myself having “aha” moments as I read! This book will be widely appreciated, and Eleni shows her skill throughout.”

Robert French
National Director BNI Malaysia. MD Integrus Global Asia. Chairman Biz on Course. Executive Director BNI Kent Ltd.

“Imagine being able to harness an energy, to command it to work 24 by 7 to our benefit, directing it to achieve our goals; and multiplying that by the size of your team! Well, our unconscious is that very powerful “always on” energy and tool. My belief is that teamwork surpasses individual star performers working in silos or competing. By using the methods expounded in this book, external stimulants in the form of pictures and logos and words of enablement brought the performance of my team to that of highly functioning, fully caring and supportive of one another and always performing as one cohesive unit which is strong as it is flexible and creative to be the perfect business partner to all stakeholders.”

Su Puay Leng
Head of Legal, Maxis Berhad

“I organised and NLP course with Eleni for my entire division. We were in a time of transition and the course made a powerful impact. What struck me most was the obvious mindset shift when we realised that “I am 100% responsible”. The sharing activities/exercises have cemented bonds so strong with the concrete result of the team achieving a 67% increase in revenue in the first year alone as we all worked much better together. If you are considering what to do along the lines of change management – do NLP first to build a stronger sense of team spirit with a positive, constructive environment for your organisation. Another important benefit is the attitude shift in how we engage with our shareholders. Prior to NLP, most of us worked in silos. Now all those who attended the course are the obvious leaders who bring the company together to achieve our common goals.”

Ulrika Brunner
Director, Corporate Services
Finance Accreditation Agency Sdn Bhd
(fully supported by Bank Negara Malaysia)

“Creating a Blue Ocean in one’s business, with one’s team or with one’s clientele, can mean the difference between societal relevance, scale & visibility vs. a downward spiral into the irrelevant. That Blue Ocean, the piece that creates uniqueness with one’s mission, comes from finding that 'slight edge’. For some slight edge means unusual technology or approach to social connection; however, with Eleni, her coaching/consulting comes from understanding the connection between people and communication that extends beyond the words and encompasses the behavior of engagement, decision making and the art of collaboration towards mission fulfillment. I highly encourage your investment in this book, Eleni’s consulting, directives and collaborations she might suggest.”

Allan Wich
Co-Founder, Think Bold Be Bold Ventures Inc., LLC.
Founder, The Heart God Gave Me Project

“In today’s world, small teams working together in effective ways can achieve amazing results and create a profound impact in the world. While attracting right talents could contribute to your chance of success, there is far more to the recipe for creating and growing a real winning team. Eleni Sarantinou has captured so many secrets here in this book with simple ideas you and your management team can implement immediately. You will discover your true success in collective wins with everyone else around you. It’s a book that focuses on a true sustainability of team building.”